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Geometrics and Organics

Giles is an artist who works specifically to the clients requirements.  A tailor made approach not only ensures that collectors receive a unique piece, it avoids the notion of 'factory line' and keeps his work highly personal.  This method of working also enlivens his creative practice, keeping the artist responsive to new ideas and inspiration.


'Geometrics and Organics ' include a diverse cross section of commissions that have harnessed Giles's creativity, whilst working in harmony with the landscape it has been specifically designed for. 

Large conical water feature in front of stately home.


Commissioned by Elton Hall to mark the opening of their new rose garden. It stands at 13ft. high and is constructed from reinforced copper.  As water flows from the pinnacle  it creates an arresting rotational illusion.

Stainless steel water fountain with jets firing water into the center.


Lasso is one of Giles' most dynamic sculptures. Constructed from marine grade stainless steel, adjustable jets converge to form a starburst in the centre of multiple ropes of looped metal. Lasso can also be created in copper.

Garden water feature made of copper sticks with water spray


With a height of at sixteen feet tall Twiggy is constructed from reinforced copper.  Based on the idea of an energy pattern, the sculpture looks as though it burst from the ground. The sculpture has a 'rain' or 'mist' water function.

Large wire sculpture in front of brick house.


Twister stands at 15 feet high.  Water is projected from the upper sections and 'rains' into the pool, creating a calming ripple effect.  When lit up at night, it creates compelling textures and dramatic atmosphere.

three dimensional triangular sculpture in a pond


Giles has made several incarnations of the Pagoda and has experimented with both three sided and four sided structures. The enchanting piece can either be made in bronze or copper, and has a water system that introduces water at every level, ensuring a crescendo effect.

Large turquoise garden feature


One of Giles' more traditional sculptures.  This piece is made from copper with a blue patina finish.  Taking references from ancient Greece, the sculpture works well on a classic plinth.

Spiral shaped stainless steel water fountain in large garden


The Serpent is 9ft tall and creates an impressive jet from its central line.  The piece is constructed from marine grade stainless steel, consistently mirroring intriguing reflections from the landscape and retaining its strength. 

Tall garden water sculpture with water mist in front of it.


Topiary was commissioned for Castle Hill gardens and stands at 12 feet high.  It is made of pure copper and the organic nature of its construction makes it a perfect

 sculpture for unique customisation.

Textured wall panel with lights against wall of bricks.

Lava Wall

Lava wall suits smaller/urban sites as well as larger gardens. Created from copper panel which is then melted into an organic texture of holes, water runs down the surface. Lighting from behind, creates a sensational fire effect.

Bronze leaf shape sculpture in park land.


Blade is an impressive testament to innovative design. Created from bronze and with a height of 30 feet, it contains a stainless steel structure for strength.  Water cascades from the pinnacle allowing the sculpture to shimmer in the sun.

Tall turquoise triangular sculpture in a pool


The Spire is favourite design that Giles returns often to. Made from bronze, the largest piece of this nature stands at seven foot. The levels are arranged in a spiral formation so that gravity naturally pulls the water along the edge of each piece.

Large copper water feature in font of a bush with pink flowers.

Falling Leaves

Made from sheet copper, the 'leaves' allow the water projected from the top, to gather in momentum as they pass down each section.  This dynamic and ntriguing sculpture is 12 feet high.

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