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Architectural & landscape water design

After working with water for over twenty five years, Giles has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of this fasinating and hypnotic element.

His work is informed and enriched by his deep comprehension of the physics and properties associated with water and these skills move beyond his traditional creative practice and into more practical areas.

Working as a consultant alongside landscape designers and architects to deliver ambitious design-led water courses, is an area of Giles's professional practice that has developed over the last 10 years. 

Digital drawing of a tear dropped shaped sculpture made of piping.
Water running over the lip of a textured wall

Giles can either work with industry professionals to help realise existing designs, or use his innate understanding of materials and work with clients to design concepts from scratch. 

The Giles Rayner team works with industry leaders in the field of engineering and fabrication to help deliver designs that are expertly made to the highest quality.

For architectural projects, Giles can be personally on hand to liaise with client's contractors and install the project on site.

The end result is a unique water feature, realised with the flair and expertise of a fine artist. 

Water dripping from a stone wall onto stones below
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