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Public Sculptures & Commercial Projects 

Giles has established a distinguished reputation in the field of public sculptures. His work is characterised by its ambition and meticulous attention to detail. His most notable project, the 'Arches', installed outside the Royal Opera House, Muscat, stands as a testament to his exceptional skill and creativity.

This 40 foot sculpture forms a stunning organic shape, that continues to captivate the visitors of the opera house and its surrounding gardens.  Giles' extensive experience in delivering public sculptures is unparalleled, and his work continues to inspire and awe individuals across the globe.

The complexity of the The Arches design meant that it was not only a feat of engineering, but also required precision project management, which was delivered by Giles' in house team. The piece includes a kilometre of internal piping and due to the tough ‘armour-plate’ nature of the duplex stainless steel from which it was constructed, it will stand for millennia.

The Arches Project Gallery shows various stages in the creation of Arches, from construction and testing of a full-sized water array, to installation in its permanent home in the landscaped gardens that were designed for it.

Large steel sculpture lit and night with coloured lights
Large conical stainless steel water fountain in parkland

'Aspiration' is a remarkable water sculpture  commissioned by the Wesleyan University in Illinois. Giles was asked to design a fitting monument to recognise the Egber family's generosity to the University legacy.


The sculpture stands in a central quad and was named to reflect the University's liberal arts objectives. It has become tradition for newly enrolled university students to write their own aspirations in chalk on the pavement next to the sculpture.


With a height of 16ft and a highly polished surface, it commands the attention of campus visitors. It has a unique fluted design, which allows water to run from an angled edge, creating a mesmerising visual effect.  The sculpture's aesthetic appeal lies in its ability to reflect the sky's colour from its interior, while the exterior stainless steel reflects the surrounding environment. Mysteriously, the water appears to reach its summit from most angles. 

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