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There is something compelling about sphere sculptures.   A sphere occupies empty space so perfectly, that as an art form it can be used for a wealth of designs and incarnations.  From organic loose shapes, to more structured modern lines, Giles has worked for decades with orb shapes. Some of his sculptures reference a planetary expression, others, more common forms like citrus fruits as seen in 'Zest'. Frequently Giles plays with the viewers perception of reality by using kinetic elements and water to harness the physics of spherical motion.

'Neptune' sculpture at Elton Hall during sunset.


Commissioned for the Elizabethan Burton Hall.

Giles was provided an opportunity to design a

contemporary sculpture that works against a historical backdrop.

Neptune has a diameter of 8ft and constructed of copper, the sculpture is designed to rotate, conjuring the extraordinary illusion that the sphere is rolling across the surface of the water.

'Nebula' Mirror polished Sculpture in clients garden

Mirror Polished Nebula

Giles has designed and made three

variations of this dazzling water sculpture. 

The sphere is constructed of marine grade stainless steel with a polished mirror effect.

The sculpture is rotated by underwater jets

as water clings to the spiral. The illusion it creates is hypnotic.

It can also be made in copper.

Illuminated 'Tectonic' sculpture with foliage


A wonderful example of metal and water combining to stunning effect.

The copper interior of Tectonic can be lit, creating a beguiling glow that is refracted with the texture of the moving water.

Tectonic is solid and

commanding, yet the shell-like nature of it's

construction creates a delicate tension of form.

Tectonic can be customised in size,

material and patina.

Copper 'Nebula' water sculpture with pool

Copper Nebula

A fabulous rendition of Giles'  'Nebula' form. 

The copper finish offers a slightly more organic softness to the form and the patina can be customised to all manner of shades.

As with the mirror polished version, the piece rotates while raining water into the pool below.

'Fusion' water sculpture in evening sun with water jets on


Fusion is an energetic sculpture created from solid copper.  The water is powered by jets and collides in the centre of the sphere to create a starburst of energy.

Fusion can be made in either copper or bronze and in a variety of sizes depending on the location of the sculpture.

Giles' largest example of Fusion stands in the Memorial Mall in Houston, Texas.

'Zest' water sculpture with evening shadows


The Zest sculptures are constructed from reinforced

copper with an internal frame of stainless steel.

Water runs from the top of the sculpture around the lower edges of the spiral, creating a gentle, calming effect.

Current examples of these range between five and

seven feet in height.

'Implosion' water sculpture with water jets on.

Stainless Steel.

Implosion is a striking modern sculpture constructed from marine grade stainless steel.


The sphere fires jets into the central chamber, creating an energetic collision of water.

Spherical Io sculpture with evening sun on it.


A stunning sphere, created from intricately melted copper.  IO is the name given to Jupiter's moon.

 Giles has recently refined the design to include an optional mist function, which when internally lit at night, creates a stunning ethereal effect.


The sculpture seen here is approximately three feet in diameter and since it is technically a 'dry' sculpture, it has no need for a pool.

Copper coloured sphere sculpture in water pool


Tethys has a diameter of 4ft and is constructed of reenforced copper bands that meet at intervals to strengthen the structure. 

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