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Maintenance & Servicing

blue and green texture of water

Ensuring that clients' sculptures stay in optimum condition, is important to both the owner and the artist and just like a high quality watch or car, deserves the same care and attention.

Giles' work is designed to last for generations, and the majority of his pieces are designed with ease of use in mind.  However annual servicing and cleaning helps to ensure the sculpture is always seen at its best. 

From basic cleans, to more complicated issues with pump flow, lighting and sometimes mist effects, we can make sure the piece receives the same care it was created with. As it's designer, Giles is well placed to ensure a high standard of outcome.

We also offer a re-siting service for clients who are moving properties and wish to take their Giles Rayner sculpture with them.


Alongside hands-on guidance on cleaning and water PH, we offer regular maintenance service visits to our clients, no matter how long ago they purchased their Giles Rayner Water Sculpture. 

Vortex of whirlpool

Maintenance visits are best in the early spring as mid winter ice can interfere with draining and refilling the sculptures.  However, servicing is available all year round.

A maintenance visit can be booked via our website form or by calling our business number.

+44 (0)7968 803710 

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