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The National Opera House, Muscat, Oman. 

Night time view of large public sculpture lit by spotlights

The Arches of Oman Water Sculpture is formed of two entwined stainless steel tusks that flow around one another, in sinuous yet geometrical form; connected by the distinctive patterned array of water that erupts from their inner surfaces.


This is one of the most serious water features worldwide.

The Arches reach 40 feet in height above a 200 foot wide oval pool.  From carefully designed portals, water is fired in programmed sequences from 69 water jets to create the effects that Giles had sketched out on his first visit to Oman in 2012.

Timeless Elegance 

Coloured lights illuminating large public sculpture at night


The Royal Opera House in Muscat forms the main backdrop and was crucial to the design – The Sculpture reflects elements of the architecture, notably the many arch shapes that form the nature of the building, but capture 3D space rather than the same solidity of the building, creating an interesting but unique perspective from all directions that always maintains the relevance of this connection.


The monumental water sculpture has the intention of extending the influence of the Royal Opera House into this large garden beyond.  The flow of the illuminated water can be seen to link life and music to the essence of what goes on in the magnificent building.

View a film of the Arches below.


The Making of The Arches..

Evolving Forms

The dynamic design of the Arches, allows the sculpture to transform according to the viewer's position in relation to the piece.  Each view point creates a distinct energy and tension, re-inventing itself against changing weather and light.  As the viewer moves around the edges of the pool, the stainless steel arms, twist and cork screw, until the limit of the apex is reached and the piece begins to 'uncurl' again.  It is hard to imagine another public artwork that appears so kinetic, whist not moving at all. 

Large metal public sculpture in a pool of water
Silver coloured public sculpture on a fine day
Metal arms of sculpture reaching into blue sky
Sunset view of a large stainless steel sculpture in water pool
Sunset view of large public sculpture
Large water sculpture lit at night with colour lights

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