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Private Commissions

Sculpture made of stainless steel loops

Classic Designs.

Giles has several designs for which he has become

increasingly known. Cauldron, Tempest and Lava Wall

are relatively recent sculptures based on developed

concepts that have given clients much joy over the years.

Custom Made.

Giles makes sculptures with the setting of the piece at

the forefront of the process. After making initial contact

to discuss the project, a site visit is arranged. Designs

can be adapted to incorporate specific sizes and finishes. Lighting and sound are also considered carefully by Giles, both of these elements being integral to the finished atmosphere created by his work.

Bespoke Work.

The full portfolio contains a myriad of unique designs

from the last two decades, in a variety of locations both

historical and modern. If you have a more complex

scenario for your project or would like to realise a

personal vision, consultations with Giles are welcomed.

Giles is an innovator who enjoys pushing boundaries.

The Commission Process

Step 1:

Initial call to determine the project size and scope.

We welcome images of the site of the sculpture to help Giles gauge the most appropriate scale. Guideline prices can be given at this stage.

Step 2:

Site visit. If appropriate for the client, Giles is very happy to visit the client's address to finalise the specification and location of the piece. Samples of materials can be provided at this meeting.

Step 3:

Formal quote. Once all the details are confirmed, a project costing can be drawn up, along with a commission agreement. 

Step 4: 

Deposit payment and production begins. A timeline of production will be issued at the time of the quotation. Payments are staggered through the production schedule, with the final payment due on install at the client's address. The client is kept abreast of progress with timely photographs and films of the piece being made.

Step 5:

Install and after care. Giles visits to install the piece. A follow up call six weeks after install, insures that the client is happy. A maintenance visit for the following year is suggested. 


Spherical water feature in a pool in a garden.
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