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Whirlpools have always fascinated Giles.  A pure blend of science and beauty, these stunning pieces are designed to create a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.  With their engaging designs and mesmerising vortex, each piece is carefully crafted, using only the finest materials to ensure longevity, durability and beauty.  With ease of installation in mind, Giles has designed several that do not need pre-dug pools, but regenerate water from an internal system, meaning that certain types of whirlpools can be located on virtually any flat surface without the need for plumbing.

Turquoise bowl of 'Cauldron' water feature


The Cauldron was developed from Giles' original Whirlpool design, with a central vortex creating a swirling captivating effect.

The bowl seen here is set on top of a heavy copper base, which discreetly contains the water tank and pump, enabling the artwork to be entirely self-contained.


The sculpture can be freestanding or set into the ground, depending on client requirements.

Size can also be customised. 


The Whirlpool is a well loved example from Giles' portfolio.


Pictured here is a six foot example. A range of sizes are available to suit a variety of locations.


The Whirlpool is constructed of reinforced copper.

Its enchanting design makes use of simple scientific theory.

A vortex is created in the centre of the pool, while a gentle overspill clings to the outside bowl using surface tension.


A beautifully balanced sculpture that also sounds wonderfully relaxing.

Circular whirlpool in larger pool
Flower shaped water bowl with whirlpool


A clever adaptation of the classic 'Whirlpool'

sculpture, the Fibonacci takes its design from the

mathematical pattern of ascending numbers - a

theory hypothesised by the 12th century Italian

mathematician of the same name.

The sculpture is freestanding with a whirlpool at

it's centre. Made of copper, its warm patina

creates a liquid glow at its core.

Circular bowl of 'Charybdis whirlpool' in parkland

Charybdis -Double Bowl

Giles' trademark vortex draws the viewer in, whilst the sunken inner pool plays with perspective created by surface tension.

Water gently over-spills, clinging to the outer-edges of the structure.


The sculpture pictured spans 8 feet in diameter, but the Charybdis can be made to measure for a variety of spaces.

Large stainless steel water bowl with whirlpool centre

The Tempest


The Tempest is a rarer edition of the

Whirlpool design.

Made with a reflective marine grade stainless steel, the piece refracts light around the bowl, bringing a luminosity to the sculpture.


Copper bowl of water feature in sunny garden.

Charybdis -Single Bowl

The structure of this single bowl Charybdis, remains the same as the double bowl, albeit without the inner ring. 

The simplified design works well in gardens where 'less is more' , without losing any of the appealing characteristics of the double version.

Fully customisable in scale,

material and finish.


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